Fork of Snap2HTML with some improvements

Der Toten Alptraum

2D Zombie round survival game [Cancelled]

Another URL Shortener.


Asset Management for Mobile.


Todo Application made using .NET MAUI

The Lonely Helmet

My first published video game for PC about a lonely astronaught helmet, 2D Platformer.

Snow Log Collector

Quickly and easily collect logs for all Snow Software Products

Snow Document Downloader

Download all attachments from the Snow License Manager database.

CustomCSS for SLM

Fully documented and working custom.css and relevant files for Snow License Manager.

Calmac Timetable

Website for viewing the Timetable for the Calmac Ferry between Isle of Cumbrae and Largs

Snow Agreement Period Migrator

Small tool for migrating Agreement Periods from one SPE platform to another.

Snow Document Migrator

Small tool for migrating Documents for all items from one SPE platform to another.

Snow System User Migrator

Small tool for migrating System Users from one SPE platform to another.

Snow SQL Hotfix Viewer

View encrypted Snow Software hotfix files for SQL Server.

Snow Cryptography

Proof of Concept application for encrypting and decrypting Snow License Manager strings

Snow Product Key Generator

Proof of Concept application for generating Snow License Manager License Keys

Snowpack Viewer

Small application for unpacking Snowpack files for Snow Inventory


Easily export Microsoft SQL Data to Microsoft XLSX with no licensing implications


File Watcher for uploading/downloading files from Secure FTP and sending out success/failure emails.


Small tool for Editing, Viewing and Generating Snowpack Files for Snow Inventory

Snow Update Checker

Check multiple Snow Platforms against snwapi at once to confirm if updates are required.


API for getting the latest version of all Snow Software products.

Snow Inventory Password Resetter

Small application to reset Snow Inventory Passwords since Snow Software didn't make the feature themselves


Basic Language Translation library for .NET Framework


Snow Inventory Agent management console, source code lost sometime in 2016/2017.