SAMPing - an IT Asset Management Assistant


Weird, didn’t think this day would come.

What is SAMPing? SAMPing is an application, solution, up to you what you call it, that helps manage Snow Inventory Agents on your Windows estate. Pretty cool huh? I thought so.

I’ve managed to find builds of SAMPing dating back to early 2017, the earliest I have is Version 1.5.1. Enjoy :)


Little bit of a history lesson here, sorry not sorry.

I started SAMPing in February 2017 as a tool to assist my team at Getronics, I made this in my free time so when I left Getronics I had the benefit of keeping all IP rights and it came with me. As time went on, the source code of SAMPing got moved around from place to place, an iCloud Drive, a QNAP Server, and eventually ended up on GitHub in January 8 2019 where it lay inactive until April 7 2020.

I wrote a post in July 2020 going into a bit more depth of what happened with SAMPing, but since that post things have gotten a lot worse - and by that I mean, I’ve lost the source code. Every. single. copy. How? I accidentally deleted the GitHub repo, my qnap server died last year and I think I cleared it off my iCloud Drive about two years ago, so we’re sourceless, the beauty is dead.

Now what?

So I’ve lost the source, but I’ve not lost any of the installers. I have a few different versions of SAMPing, but other than design changes I can’t go into massive amounts of detail of what each version has different, there is some detail but it’s not great. You can find the release notes here.

I’m releasing SAMPing online, for free, for anyone to use. I’m not releasing it under MIT because I have no source code to release, and I don’t really want people to decompile it because I’ve seen this as a kind of benefit (the code is horrible) to restart SAMPing under a new name, new code, new ideas. This will come in the future, but in the mean time, enjoy the final version of SAMPing that will ever be created - version 4.


Here’s some screenshots, gifs, fun stuff to show you a bit about the program itself and what it can do.

SAMPing Main View (v4) SAMPing Main View (v4) SAMPing Main View (v4)


SAMPing has a lot of stuff packed into it, some useful and some not so useful.

Not Features

This is things it can’t do, that were planned, but will never be included in SAMPing - but they’ll be in the new product once it’s released! Cool.

Sike, I’m not putting that here - then someone else can do it.

Legal Stuff

Some older versions of SAMPing may have reference to “MEGALELZ” or “MEGALELZ LTD”, these versions of the applications although released under GNU still apply to the now closed-source policy.


Credit where credit is due.