Snow Update Checker - Devlog #2

This post is over a year old, the information may no longer be up to date.

Edit, November 2020

This application has now been released to the general public. Please enjoy!

Original Post

It’s been a week or two since my last devlog for Snow Update Checker and I’ve managed to finish Version 1.0. While making this I decided that I’m going to keep it close-sourced and unreleased to the public, but I’ll likely share parts of the code in the future for how it works with the Product Release API I made.

From all of features I’d planned out, these are the ones that I have included in v1.0.

  • Add Computers from Active Directory
  • Add Computers Manually
  • Import Computers (via shared Form)
  • Export Reports for All Computers (Scanned) and All Computers Update(s) Required
  • Clear Temporary Computer Cache
  • View Temporary Computer Cache
  • Export Temporary Computer Cache

I finalised the columns below

Column Name Column Type Example
Computer Name TEXT SVR01SQL01
Computer Status TEXT ONLINE
License Manager Version VERSION 9.7.1
Inventory Server Version VERSION 6.4.0
License Manager Update Available CHECKBOX TRUE
Inventory Server Update Available CHECKBOX FALSE

I’m too lazy to get a screenshot of the final version (that and I want to keep it private) but, it works and it’s pretty cool. I might release a "lite" version in the future for public use but we'll see.

Catch. x