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Snow Inventory Password Reset

Snow Inventory is sick, the Snow Inventory Agent is sick. The data is just, sick. It gives you a massive view of what’s out in your estate and I love it.

The worst part of Snow Inventory? You can’t reset your password for the Snow Management and Configuration Center without contacting Snow Support. Which is super annoying.

I forget my passwords pretty much all the time, I did it at my last job and I do it at my current job, and I got fed up of having to contact Snow Support to send me a new password which I then had to update in the database directly, it’s probably one of the biggest flaws in my eyes - it wouldn’t be hard to implement SMTP into the Inventory Plugin and add email addresses to users in my opinion.

So like I do whenever something annoys me, I found a way to make it easier and less annoying. Therefore, welcome Snow Inventory Password Reset.

Mars 2020 Placard

It’s super simple, and portable. All you do is enter your username and the password you want, and it spits out a Snow Inventory compatiable update script which you can either copy into SMSS directly or, you can connect to the database server and do it all from the tool.

It’s open-source, and completely free to use commerically. Just credit me if you do anything other than use it for resetting passwords.

Have fun!