Snow Recognition Database 2.0

This post is over a year old, the information may no longer be up to date.

Snow Recognition Database is an open-source utility that allows you to access the Unassigned and Recognized Applications from Snow License Manager and Snow Inventory Server. As of writing this post, it is fully supported on Snow License Manager 8 and Snow License Manager 9 to at least 8.3.1 and 9.7.0 and their matching Snow Inventory Server versions.

Snow Recognition Database Unassigned View

What is the actual purpose of this application though? What can it do that the Snow Management and Configuration Center can’t already do? Well it’s pretty simple really, it’s fast. I love the Snow Management and Configuration Center and it’s definitely the back bone of Snow Products in my opinion, but I think most people can agree that it’s not the fastest application in the world when it comes to loading high amounts of data, and every time you load the page you have to wait before you can search due to the type of DataGridView that it uses and I assume them doing a SELECT statement on view load.

Snow Recognition Database Main Application View

It also allows you to click on an Unassigned Application and shows you all of the devices that you have in the system with that application installed on it, allowing you to quickly find out who is using applications that aren’t in the Snow Recognition Service Database.

Snow Recognition Database Main Application View

This application will only work if you have Snow License Manager and Snow Inventory Server installed on your estate with a valid license for Snow Recognition Service as well to populate the database with new applications. It allows multiple database connections so if you have more than one environment such as Production and Pre-production you can link into both from the same application installation.

Snow Recognition Database is not affiliated with Snow Software AB or their subsidiaries.

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