Easy Xbox Gamerscore #2

This post is over a year old, the information may no longer be up to date.

2021 seems to be the year where I’m getting back into gaming again, or, at least it feels like it. That could be because I’ve started tracking my playtime or it could be that I am actually playing more. I’ve played quite a good few games this year already, but there is some absolute stonkers that I’ve played purely for the gamerscore. I made a post back in Feb about gamerscore and felt that I had a pretty good list again to make another.

So enjoy the easy gamerscore roundup #2. 😀

Game Platform Gamerscore Time Walkthrough
Star Wars Episode I Racer Xbox 1,000 4hrs N/A
Sabnautica Xbox 1,000 1hr Article
Don't Starve: GE Windows 1,000 10m Video
DOOM 64 Xbox 1,000 2-3hrs N/A
Were the Bees Make Honey Xbox 1,000 1hr N/A
Johnny Rocket Xbox 1,000 1hr N/A
Butterfly Windows 1,000 30m N/A
Butterfly Xbox 1,000 30m N/A
Bullet Beat Xbox 3,000 1hr N/A
Smart Moves Xbox 3,000 1-2hrs N/A
Without Escape: CE Xbox 1,000 30m N/A

15,000 Gamerscore in around 15 hours, 13,000 Gamerscore if you don’t have a Windows PC (doesn’t need to be high specced!). There are ways of cheating things like Star Wars Racing which I found out afterwards, but it’s a good simple game so it’s worth playing through it properly if you’re into Pod Racing and Star Wars. Outside of that, all of the other games are super simple with some nice little art styles.

Personal recommendation from the list is Without Escape: Console Edition, a very simple game with beautiful art and a very weird story if you play it through without skipping cut scenes etc.

Music obsession at the moment: Time After Time triple j Like A Version - Triple One

Catch 😊 x