2021: Year in Review

Well, goodbye 2020 ver. 2.0. It’s been interesting to say the least. I’ve been pretty AFK on all things internet the last few months and I can’t decide if I have a whole bunch of stuff to say or if I’d rather just shut up entirely, but I made one of these posts last year and it’s been quite interesting going back to it every so often so I may as well continue it. It’s November 16th 2021 when I started writing this post, throwing placeholders everywhere for the data I’ll need to fill out on December 31 2021, and you’ll be reading it sometime during January 2022 - so Happy New Year, here’s to 2022.

# Year News Highlights

Following the same premise as last year, here’s some “highlights”. I use the term highlights loosely and not in a celebratory manor.

6 whole day into the year, there was the United States Capitol Attack because people were salty that Donald Trump lost the election. The state of Texas had a major power outage, the Israel - Palestine crisis, the Taliban Offensive with the fall of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and everything that’s happened after it.

The UK ran out of Petrol, Gas and Co2 but it definitely wasn’t not the fault of Brexit (it was). The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) was hosted in Glasgow which in reality will have literally no benefit what-so-ever considering the world leaders all got private jets and brought their cars with them anyway, we did get to see Greta Thunberg be a top lass though*. England lost the UEFA Euro 2020 to Italy, that’s probably the best part of the entire year.

Near the end of the year, Boris Johnson told us he did but also didn’t have a Christmas party while everyone was dying in 2020 and COVID-19 decided to take the planet by it’s non-existent balls and come back with a vengeance, all fun and games.

We lost Betty White on New Years Eve at the age of 99, 17 days before her 100th Birthday. An entertainment legend, she’ll be missed forever.

# General

2021 was a generally chill year. I moved back to Scotland in August from England, I built a desk that I’m stupidly proud of but refuse to post a photo of because I can’t seem to keep it non-messy due to the size – I used a hollow core door so it’s pretty wide as well. I bought a new PC with a AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, 32GB RAM and a NVIDIA RTX 3080. It’s pretty much the motherlode.

I travelled a few times but not much because of COVID-19 restrictions still kind of being messy, but I did manage to go to Manchester and see Bexey live and hang out with him a bit which was pretty darn cool.

While I was writing this up I actually caught COVID-19, thanks Omicron. I survived 757 days (17th November 2019 - 13th December 2021) without catching COVID. The only good thing to come out of it was this video of me eating an onion.

# Television

I watched 295 hours of TV Shows, which is down from 539 hours from last year. My most played week was Week 27 (June 28 - July 04), where I had 32 plays.

My most-played month was October with 91 plays, most-played day was a Sunday with 96 plays. Overall, I had 530 plays (episodes) which is down from 922 plays from last year.

My most-played TV Shows of 2021 were (in order of plays):

Show Plays Time Watched
Friends 150 02D 06H 35M
NCIS 128 03D 19H 43M
The Walking Dead 36 01D 02H 31M
LOST 25 00D 18H 28M
Servant 20 00D 10H 00M
The Good Doctor 18 00D 12H 44M
Goosebumps 17 00D 06H 00M
Family Guy 12 00D 04H 15M
Scrubs 11 00D 04H 01M
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 10 00D 03H 30M

99 Genres, 26 Networks - most popular genre was Comedy with 21 shows, most popular network was Netflix with 9 shows.

My highest rated Shows of 2021 were Squid Game, The Good Doctor and Turner & Hooch.

# Movies

I watched 202 hours of Movies. My most played week was Week 40 (27 September - October 3), where I had 7 plays.

My most-played month was October where I had 18 plays (movies), most-played day was a Sunday with 35 plays. Overall, I had 111 plays (movies) over the year which is down from 141 plays from last year.

My highest-rated movies of 2021 were (In order of rating):

Movie Rating
South Park: Post COVID 10
Everybody's Everything 10
Guns Akimbo 10
Jobs 10
Despicable Me 10
Palmer 10
The Imitation Game 9
Legally Blonde 9
White House Down 9
The Intern 9

302 Genres, 50 Studios - most popular genre was Action with 44 movies, most popular studio was Warner Pro Pictures with 16 movies.

# Music

In 2021 I scrobbled 22,856 times with a daily average of 62 plays, down from 25,200 and 68 respectively. I scrobbled 5,757 unique songs up from 5,375. My top five songs for the year were:

Song Artist Scrobbles
Absolute in Doubt Lil Peep 275
Drugs Lil Aaron 177
Nineteen Lil Peep 172
SARCOMA Killstation 160
white tee Lil Peep 148

I scrobbled 4,089 unique albums. My top five albums for the year were:

Album Artist Scrobbles
crybaby Lil Peep 901
HELLBOY Lil Peep 620
The Two of Us Are Dying Killstation 294
Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 2 Lil Peep 216
Everybody's Everything Lil Peep 201

I scrobbled 1,721 unique artists, and for the 5th year in a row Lil Peep was top of the list, no surprise. My top five artists for the year were:

Artist Scrobbles
Lil Peep 2,815
nothing,nowhere. 633
Guardin 518
Killstation 422
Wicca Phase Springs Eternal 366

# Gigs

2021 had a good majority of restrictions removed, which meant I managed to get to at least 2 gigs this year. I saw Bexey in Glasgow and Manchester, which as mentioned in General, was pretty darn cool.

I have some planned for 2022, so hopefully this section will have a bit more grit to it next year.

# Gaming

2021 is the first year that I’ve tracked my game playtime across every platform, including PC, Xbox, Switch, Vita and even some mobile games.

I’ve played a total of 114 different games this year, with a total playtime of 12 Days 20 Hours and 55 Minutes. My most played week was Week 19 (May 10 - May 16) where I played 24 times across 15 games for a total of 12 hours 36 minutes. My most played month was March where I played 88 times across 26 games for a total of 58 hours 23 minutes.

Below I’ve listed the games I’ve played the most over the last 12 months by month, I was going to do by week and then realized how insanely large that table would be.

Game Month Playtime
Call of Duty: WWII January 00D 8H 43M
Call of Duty: WWII February 01D 11H 43M
Call of Duty: WWII March 01D 10H 35M
Call of Duty: WWII April 00D 9H 53M
Star Wars: Episode I - Racer May 00D 05H 36M
Smart Moves June 00D 01H 55M
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare July 00D 03H 50M
Cyberpunk 2077 August 00D 02H 41M
Cookie Clicker September 00D 06H 44M
7 Days to Die October 00D 5H 11M
7 Days to Die November 00D 17H 29M
Minecraft December 00D 23HH 22M

# Website

At the time of writing there have been 470 git commits this year, mostly small changes, blog posts and re-ordering of files on the site.

I’m planning to rewrite the whole thing from scratch in 2022, I’ve started to get a bit bored of the current one and as it was my first time using Jekyll when I created it, I have a lot constraints caused by the noob code that this thing is running. Working pagination and category clouds, here we come.

# Projects

I’ve created 8 projects this year. The below table is in no particular order.

Project Language Type
Snow System User Migrator C# Winforms
Snow Document Migrator C# Winforms
Snow Agreement Period Migrator C# Winforms
Snow Offline Activator C# WPF
Calmac Timetable PHP Website
Product Key Generator C# Winforms
Laim.Analytics C# Library
SLM CustomCSS CSS Stylesheet

2021 has been a bit quieter project wise than 2020 because I’ve been putting a lot of time into my game, The Lonely Helmet. Check it out on Steam!

# Things of The Year

These are my ‘tops’ of the year, things that I really loved entertainment wise.

# Sources and Notes

The below areas were used as data sources for the information within this post.

* Video Mirror for Greta Thunberg COP26.
** Because of COVID-19, the EURO 2020 wasn't held until 2021.
*** Tweet Mirror for Tweet of The Year.
This data is from 00:00 01 January 2021 to 22:33 31 December 2021.