2020: Year in Review

2020 has been, without a doubt, an absolute joke of a year. We had the Black Summer in Australia, the U.S Senate Acquited Donald J. Trump of his Impeachment Charges, the possibility of World War III, the merciless killing of George Floyd and the one that made the entire year that much worse, COVID-19. I think it’s safe to say for many people, 2020 has been an absolute mess and with that, I’ve found myself to have a lot more free time than I usually would, even working throughout the entire pandemic which I was very fortunate to do.

So, what have I been doing this year? Not a lot, to be honest.

# Entertainment

# Television

I watched 539 hours of TV Shows, which quite frankly is mental. My most played week was Week 13 (March 23 - March 29), where I watched 69 episodes.

My most-played month was April with 180 plays, most-played day was a Sunday. Overall, I had 922 plays (episodes) over the year which is a lot lower than I anticipated considering how high it was at the start of 2020. I did watch a sh*t load of Brooklyn Nine-Nine though, watching every episode (143) in the space of a week, which would explain April! My most-played TV Shows of 2020 were (in order of plays):

Show Plays Time Watched
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 143 02D 03H 40M
American Horror Story 94 03D 00H 35M
Prison Break 88 02D 15H 43M
When Calls the Heart 67 02D 03H 57M
F is for Family 36 00D 16H 48M
Rick and Morty 31 00D 11H 35M
Atypical 28 00D 15H 24M
The Big Lez Show 27 00D 00H 00M
Peaky Blinders 27 01D 01H 17M
Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil 24 00D 08H 48M

161 Genres, 30 Networks - most popular genre was Comedy, most popular network was Netflix.

# Movies

I watched 240 hours of Movies. My most played week was Week 21 (May 18 - May 24), where I watched 11 movies.

My most-played month was January with 25 plays, most-played day was a Sunday (again). Overall, I had 141 plays (movies) over the year. I watched the BFG a few times, so somehow that managed to be my most watched movie of 2020. My highest-rated movies of 2020 were (no particular order):

Movie Rating
Death to 2020 10
Mayhem 9
Jojo Rabbit 8
Okja 10
Scoob 9
The Photographer of Mauthausen 10
Tall Girl 9
All the Bright Places 9
Five Feet Apart 10
Borat Subsequent Moviefilm 9

380 Genres, 50 Studios - most popular genre was Comedy, most popular studio was Universal Pictures.

# Music

My music plays are down since 2019 according to last.fm, there’s a few reasons for this but the main one is that for a good few months throughout the year my spotify wasn’t automatically scrobbling to last.fm, so these numbers are slightly out which is annoying, but most of it is correct!

In 2020 I scrobbled 25,200 times with a daily average of 68 plays. I scrobbled 5,375 unique songs. My top five songs for the year were:

Song Artist Scrobbles
Absolute in Doubt Lil Peep 223
To Whom It May Concern Ghostemane 166
Witchblades Lil Peep, Lil Tracy 149
nineteen Lil Peep 132
white tee Lil Peep 132

I scrobbled 3,462 unique albums, most of the top five were Lil Peep. Which, really is no surprise. My top five albums for the year were:

Album Artist Scrobbles
crybaby Lil Peep 953
Everybody's Everything Lil Peep 613
HELLBOY (Spotify ver.) Lil Peep 606
The Two of Us Are Dying Killstation 406
Beautiful Strangers ✦ pink cig ✦ 395

I scrobbled 1,506 unique artists, and for the 4th year in a row Lil Peep was top of the list, no surprise again. My top five artists for the year were:

Artist Scrobbles
Lil Peep 3,545
nothing,nowhere. 1,179
Ghostemane 903
Killstation 727
Yungblud 584

# Projects

I’ve created 15 projects this year, some of which are released to the public and some of which are not. The below table is in no particular order:

Project Language Type
Sql2Xlsx C# Winforms
Laim.Utility C# Library
Laim.Lang C# Library
SnowOrderManagement C# Winforms
Snow Interrogator C# Winforms
snwapi PHP Website/API
SnowpackEVG C# Winforms
Snow Log Collector C# Winforms
Snow Recognition Database C# Winforms
Snow Inventory Password Reset C# Winforms
gooseFTP C# Winforms, Service, Library
Snow Update Checker C# Winforms
SnowpackViewer C# Winforms, Console
Snow Platform Monitor C# Winforms, Service, Library
SAM Manager C# Winforms

And that’s a wrap. 2020, what a horrific year. Hopefully 2021 works out better, but based on the current status of the UK COVID-19 and Brexit Crisis, we’ll have to see.

# Sources

The below areas were used as data sources for this information.

Some of this information may be slightly out, specifically trakt as I was watching peaky blinders while writing this blog post.

This post was updated on the 24th March 2021 to correct some links that were linking to the wrong source.

This post was updated on the 15th November 2021 to correct some spelling mistakes.