Privacy Policy

As ("the website") is hosted on GitHub Pages and uses GitHub Issues for the commenting system, please review the GitHub Privacy Statement as this will cover the "server-side" aspects of the website.


The website may log information based on the GitHub Pages logging policy. For more information, please review the GitHub Privacy Statement., a subdomain of the website, logs visits to clicked shortener links. Information saved includes your IP Address, browser, operating system, the page viewed and when you viewed it. I use these logs to diagnose website problems, mitigate attacks ("DDOS") and also for analytical purposes only. Logs may be retained indefinitely. and, sub domains of the website, are both hosted on Unlimited Web Hosting with their resources (assets, css, javascript) pulled from GitHub Pages. For more information, please review the GitHub and Unlimited Web Hosting Privacy Statement., a side domain of the website, is hosted on Unlimited Web Hosting with resources being pulled from bootstrapcdn, jsdelivr and fontawesome. For more information, please review the Unlimited Web Hosting, BootstrapCDN, jsdelivr and FontAwesome Privacy Statement.

Neither the website or it's subdomains use any third-party analytic extensions such as Google Analytics.


I do not use Cookies, however some of the third-party extensions I use may place a cookie in your Browser for analytical purposes. A full list of third-parties in use can be found at the bottom of this document.


Your personal information will not be shared with others except where described above and in cases required by the Law in Scotland, England and Wales.


I ("Laim McKenzie") reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy and any other policy that extends this one. Should I make changes to this policy, the date at the bottom of this page will be updated and the previous policy available at request.


I use a number of third-party services and APIs to help with the design and function of this website. The following third-parties may process your information and I would recommend reviewing their privacy policy also as they are used on most of my websites.

Document last updated: 11-11-2020, 11:52 AM