Privacy Policy

# Logging, a subdomain of the website, logs visits to clicked shortener links. Information saved includes your IP Address, browser, operating system, the page viewed and when you viewed it. I use these logs to diagnose website problems, mitigate attacks (“DDOS”) and also for analytical purposes. Logs may be retained indefinitely., a subdomain of ther website does not log any information however the website uses the third-party service jsdelivr therefore it is recommended to read and review their respective privacy policies for detailed information on what information may be gathered and used by them. is hosted on GitHub Pages so any data collection will be at a GitHub level with the exception of any data collection mentioned in further sections.

# Adsense has adsbygoogle.js embedded into the bottom of each page as a requirement for adsense on

These domains do not use AdSense or have any AdSense embeds.


# Cookies

I do not use Cookies, however some of the third-party extensions that I use may place a cookie in your browser for analytical purposes.

# Software

Currently none of my public software gathers any personal identifiable information. If this changes in the future the specific software will have it’s own Privacy Policy included with data collection disabled by default.

# Changes

I (“Laim McKenzie”) reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy and any other policy that extens this one. Should I make changes to this policy, the date at the top of this page will be updated and the previous policy available on request.

# Data Controller

For data that may be collected by any third-party service such as GitHub, or JSDevlir please contact their Data Controllers directly. Otherwise you can contact me at laimmc at