Visual Studio Code Setup

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I've been using VS Code since 2016 after using Atom for a little while after moving to MacOS full time in 2014 (rip my Notepad++ customisations). I use it as my primary editor on any computer I'm using, whether that's MacOS or Windows at home or at work. With this though, I've spent years trying to find my perfect setup that is just right for me.

I won't go into detail on what each one does as the commenting below should outline it pretty well, but this is what I consider the perfect Visual Studio Code environment on any machine.

The above is the contents of my settings.json file, but these are all just visual changes mainly. I used to have a lot of custom key bindings but Microsoft and the GitHub community seem to have added a lot of keybindings as default now, the last one I really have that I can't readjust is ZenMode. When things get messy, and I need a completely clean space - ZenMode is there to save me.

When it comes down to extensions, I find having too many to be messy and pointless unless they have proper purpose. The below is a list of the extensions that I have installed and use regularly.

Extension Name Extension Purpose
Apache ConfSyntax Highlighter for Apache Configuration Files
BeautifyBeautify Code in Visual Studio Code
Discord PresenceUpdates my discord profile with what I'm doing in VS Code
IntelliSense for CSS class names in HTML
CSS Class Name Completion
NordFlat theme
Nord WaveFlat theme
Palenight ThemeFlat theme
PHP Intelephense
IntelliSense for PHP essentially
PolacodeCode screenshots, used in this post!

So that's my Setup, all tings good.

Credit to Eric who gave me this idea.