Change THTC Meter on SSE/OVO

I managed to get SSE/OVO to change me from our old two-meter THTC system to a single Eco7 Day/Night meter after years of trying. I had to go down the Ombudsman route which did take a bit of time, but it was worth it.

This post refers to SSE/OVO but if you somehow have THTC under another provider it should work the same way, you’d just need to find their complaints email address yourself.

# Step 1 - Complaining to SSE

You must complain to SSE directly. They have 8 weeks to resolve the issue by either having the meter replaced or booking you an appointment for the meter to be replaced, as far as I’m aware they must change the meter within those 8 weeks else you can request a deadlock letter. Even if you don’t receive a deadlock letter (I didn’t) you can still go to the Ombudsman.

Make sure you do the complaint through email. Do not use the forms on their website because it doesn’t send you a confirmation email so you can’t follow up on it or provide it as proof to the Ombudsman.

They will be absolute helmets (to be polite about it) but just fight through it for the 8 weeks. They’ll try and say you can change to another supplier even with THTC (you can’t. I tried). I sent them something along the lines of the below so feel free to reuse it:


I have been trying to switch from THTC to a single meter (Eco7) since insert date. Unfortunately, I have had no success in doing so and I am unable to change to another supplier as SSE/OVO are the only supplier that supports THTC still.

Include something about how expensive your electricity is vs. quotes received from another supplier; I recommend Octopus

Can you please arrange for my meter to be changed to an Eco7 (I have storage heaters)?”

If you don’t have storage heaters mention a Standard meter instead of Eco7.

I chased them weekly.


# Step 2 - Ombudsman

After you’ve gone through the worst 8 weeks of your living existence, you’ll need to now raise the complaint with the Ombudsman. When you raise the complaint include every single email you sent and received from SSE, including copies of your last few bills and how much you paid.

I would also recommend going onto the SSE website and registering interest for a Smart Meter and including a screenshot when it says you can’t get one. Do not ask SSE for a Smart Meter in your complaint, make sure you are asking for a standard or eco7 meter.

If you have any emails or letters about Tariff changes include those as well. More the better even if it seems irrelevant.

When you search for the provider on the Ombudsman Website, search for ‘SSE’ and select ‘SSE (Energy)’ because they have like 80 different names.

# Step 3 - Ombudsman, Waiting, Meter Change

Wait. I think I had to respond to the Ombudsman once potentially twice, you can arrange for them to call you if you’re not comfortable doing Emails, but Emails are better because you have a track record of everything. This part took the longest time between them reviewing the case, awaiting responses from SSE (They won’t respond, don’t worry) etc.

The Ombudsman will eventually come back with a Decision, once the decision has been issued and you accept the decision, SSE then have a month from the date to issue the Remedies (replacing the meter and anything else)

# Timeline

Component Value
First Complaint to SSE 09-Dec-2022
Ombudsman Case Opened 02-Feb-2023
Ombudsman Decision 20-Apr-2023
Remedies Due By 07-Jun-2023
Meter Change Txt/Email 23-May-2023
Meter Changed 24-May-2023

# Information

SSE Complaints Email: [email protected]



Good luck.