Snow Platform Monitor - Devlog #1

This post is over a year old, the information may no longer be up to date.

My dev logs are never very long, they end up just being one or two posts and then unless I go back to the application that’s all you really get for a while. They seem to get quite a lot of views though nonetheless so here’s another one. ❤️

I’m currently working a tool that I’ve renamed around 3 times now, first it started as Snow Platform Checks, then I renamed it to Snow Morning Checks, and it’s currently called Snow Platform Monitor so I guess we’ll see how long that name sticks. The idea behind the application is that you’ll receive a daily health check of your Snow platform, such as what services are running, when the DUJ last ran and if it finished, and what the storage is like on the server at the moment. These are the early features and I’ve received a few ideas for additional things that are on the trello board, so they’ll hopefully make it into Version 1.0 when it comes out.

SPM Configuration Screen

The way this will *hopefully work is that you will be able to choose which parts of the applications you want to monitor, and what time in the morning they get sent. At the moment I’m planning to set this up as a default 24hr frequency, but may look to change this in the future if you wanted to just get a report on a weekend, and merge all of the weeks data into one but this is just an idea in the air at the moment.

SPM Log Example

They’ll be two parts to the application, SnowPlatformMonitor.Configuration and SnowPlatformMonitor.Service, which I feel are pretty self explanatory but you’ll config the app in one, and then you’ll install a service on the machine which will then monitor on the choosen schedule until it either crashes, gets uninstalled, or until the end of time.

This is still very early in development at the moment, but if you’d like to be involved or are wanting to test it out in your Snow test environment, feel free to pop me an email at [email protected].