Snow Log Collector - Devlog #1

This post is over a year old, the information may no longer be up to date.

I hate collecting logs, it’s boring and takes up valuable time I could be spent doing something else. A lot of enterprise applications these day have an easy way of gathering logs in a pretty quick fashion, they’re not all great but it’s definitely better than spending 15 minutes gathering table data or zipping up specific log files.

Snow Log Collector Main View

Meet Snow Log Collector, or “SLC” for short. The purpose of this application is to save me, and others, but mainly me, a lot of time collecting log files. I find myself doing the same process over and over again on a weekly basis, and I usually still miss something every time.

Snow Log Collector Demo

This is pre-release ver. 1.0 and is very much still a work in progress, Snow License Manager isn’t finished yet and I haven’t even started the Snow Inventory aspect of the application, but to provide a little more detail on what it does and how it works, please see the below.

# Data Update Job

The following tables are collected for the DUJ.

  • dbo.tblCIDDataSource
  • dbo.tblErrorLog
  • dbo.tblInventoryDatabaseLog
  • dbo.tblJobLog
  • dbo.tblJobLogHistory
  • dbo.tblJobLogMetrics
  • inv.tblJobParallelStep
  • inv.DbVersionHistory
  • dbo.SysJobHistory

These are stored in a single Excel Workbook and each table has it’s own sheet.

# Web Logs

The following directories are collected for the License Manager Web Logs.

  • \Web\Logs\Application\
  • \Web\Logs\Security\
  • \Web\Logs\WebAPI\
  • \Web\Logs\Error\

# Service Logs

The following directories are collected for the License Manager Services Logs.

  • \Logs\AdobeCC\
  • \Logs\DataAccessService\
  • \Logs\EventStoreService\
  • \Logs\EventWarehouse\
  • \Logs\GenericSaaS\
  • \Logs\ImportTool\
  • \Logs\InventoryService\
  • \Logs\Licensing\
  • \Logs\LicensingService\
  • \Logs\Maintenance\
  • \Logs\NotificationDelivery\
  • \Logs\Office365Service\
  • \Logs\OracleManagementOption\
  • \Logs\ReportExport\
  • \Logs\SlmImport\
  • \Logs\VirtualizationService\

I’m not sure how often I’ll post these, and if I’ll ever actually get past Devlog #1, but we’ll see.