Future Development Plans

This post is over a year old, the information may no longer be up to date.

I’ve found myself the last few months getting very bored of the projects I’m working on, a lot of them are utilities for Snow Software products, and although some do have their bugs, the majority of them are a create, release, next project. I’ve not really had a proper long-term project in quite sometime. I’m working on GameTrakr which is my first-web-based project in a while, but outside of polishing it up a bit (pagination, for instance) and the Xbox API I’m implementing, there really isn’t much else to do to it. If I really wanted to, I could stop developing it now and it would work fine.

I recently created a System User Migrator (not currently released) for Snow Software which I hammered out in about 3 days, expecting it to take longer, and I didn’t really get that feeling of accomplishment at the end of it due to finishing it so quickly. So, for the time being, unless it’s a bug fix to an existing project or a feature enhancement that comes to mind when I’m on the toilet, I won’t be releasing any new software projects, at least at this time of writing.

There are a few things that are finished that I haven’t released or posted on here about yet, which will likely come out after this post but from a new-app point of view any existing unfinished or planned projects are being put on hold.

What am I going to fill my time with instead? Working on my first proper 2D game in Unity called The Lonely Helmet.

The Lonely Helmet Logo

I’ve always been interested in Game Development, my artistic skills have always been my biggest letdown as well as my lack of 3D Modelling knowledge, but I’ve finally settled on a design of a game that I think might turn out to be pretty good and it’s 2D, no 3D models!, so I’m going to spend my time doing that.

I’ll likely release some dev logs for it eventually, I’ve built the main mechanics of the game along with the menu and options system and have a few prototype levels that work, but I don’t think I’ll show the actual game until I’ve hammered out the “perfect” design I’m aiming for.

Outside of dev logs on here, if you’re interested in keeping up to date with the game or me, you can follow me over on Twitter where I tweet about a lot of random crap in-between actual meaningful tweets.

P.S. I’m going to start adding random songs I’m addicted to at the moment to the bottom of my posts, at least if I remember. I’m currently addicted to this: L8r Boi - Ashnikko … parental advisory, explicit.