2023: Year in Review

Happy New Year. It’s 2024 and the hell hole of a year is hopefully behind us, although if I’m being honest I suspect it’s going to get worse due to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict that is ongoing and the continution of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the UK Governements determination to be racist and turn into a dictatorship, the world really is not a happy place.

# News of The Year

We started the year off great with the U.S. apparently shooting down a Chinese Spy Balloon which after being in the news for a few weeks went completely silent, Donald Trump having more court cases ongoing than Pete Davidson has had girlfriends, the 2023 Writers Guild of America Strike and the Killing of Brianna Ghey.

The United Kingdom Governement deciding that the Scottish Paliament cannot introduce a bill by blocking it with Section 35 for Gender Recognition Reform, the first time it has ever been used because every single tory in United Kingdom is a homophobic cunt.

The Death of TV Legends Matthew Perry, Andrew Braugher and David McCallum.

The absolute cluster-fuck which was 2023 in the UK, as well as the new First Minister of Scotland Humza Yousaf.

TLDR; 2023 was a shit storm.

# General

I’ve done less in 2023 than last year. I’ve spent a lot of time doing DIY around the house and in the Garden and haven’t done much else of anything. I went to a few gigs, played a lot of games and watched some TV and Movies. It’s been a pretty peaceful year to say the least.

# Television

I watched 42 different shows this year with a total watch time of 152 hours, which is about 12.7 hours per month with my most watched show being Young Sheldon. My most-watched Week was Week 16 (10 Apr - 16 Apr) with 25 plays and my most-watched Month was October with 44 plays. I watched 335 episodes this year, which is down from 443 in 2023, 530 in 2021 and 922 in 2020. My first watch of the year was Young Sheldon, my last was Home Improvement.

My most played TV Shows in 2023, in order of total plays, were:

Show Plays Time Watched
Young Sheldon 58 00D 18H 52M
Home Improvement 46 00D 18H 24M
Mrs. Brown’s Boys 32 00D 15H 52M
Ghosts (US) 24 00D 08H 41M
South Park 20 00D 07H 26M
After Life 19 00D 08H 50M
Paw Patrol 16 00D 03H 12M
NCIS 14 00D 10H 18M
Firebuds 14 00D 02H 48M
The Big Bang Theory 12 00D 04H 11M

My most popular genre was Comedy with 22 shows, most popular network was CBS with 6 shows.

My highest rated Shows of 2023 were The Last of Us, Mrs. Brown’s Boys and South Park.

# Movies

I watched 68 different movies this year with a total watch time of 136 hours, which is about 11.3 hours per month with my most watched movie being Everybody’s Everything. My most-watched Week was Week 51 (Dec 11 - Dec 17) with 6 plays and my most-watched Month was October and December with 16 plays each. I watched movies 77 times this year, which is up from 57 in 2023, but down from 111 in 2021 and 140 in 2020.

My most played Movies in 2023, in order of total hours, were:

Movie Plays Hours
Everybody’s Everything 3 00D 05H 48M
Paw Patrol: The Movie 3 00D 04H 18M
Jurassic World 2 00D 04H 08M
Saw V 2 00D 03H 10M
The Green Mile 1 00D 03H 09M
Oppenheimer 1 00D 03H 01M
Braveheart 1 00D 02H 57M
Scary Movie 2 00D 02H 56M
The Godfather 1 00D 02H 55M
Elvis 1 00D 02H 39M

My most popular genre was Horror with 29 movies, most popular Studio was Universal Pictures with 11 movies.

My highest rated Movies of 2023 were Braveheart, Oppenheimer, Street Trash.

# Music

In 2023 I scrobbled 18,405 times with a daily average of 50 plays, down from 27,799 and 76 respectively in 2022. I scrobbled 5,187 unique songs down from 7,893 in 2022. My top five songs for the year were:

Song Artist Scrobbles
WASTE Kxllswitch 141
Iris Lil Bo Weep 112
(pls) set me on fire Enter Shikari 99
You Make Me Sick! Ashnikko 87
Take on the World You Me At Six 84

I scrobbled 3,665 unique albums. My top five albums for the year were:

Album Artist Scrobbles
crybaby Lil Peep 353
HELLBOY Lil Peep 315
Happier Than Ever Billie Eilish 243
Everybody’s Everything Lil Peep 219
Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2 Lil Peep 217

I scrobbled 1,783 unique artists, and for the 7th year in a row Lil Peep was top of the list, no surprise. My top five artists for the year were:

Artist Scrobbles
Lil Peep 2,413
You Me At Six 1,009
Billie Eilish 785
surrenderdorothy 407
Enter Shikari 397

# Gaming

I played 131 different games this year, with a total play time of 1,042.6 hours, which is about 86.9 hours per month and 2.9 hours per day with my most played game being Call of Duty[1]. My most-played week was Week 33 (Aug 14 - Aug 20) with 41.6 hours and my most-played Month was November with 125.7 hours.

My most played Games in 2023 by month, in order of total hours, were:

Game Month Playtime
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II January 02D 07H 34M
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II February 01D 13H 34M
Hogwarts Legacy March 01D 02H 03M
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II April 00D 17H 22M
NCIS May 00D 17H 40M
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II June 02D 03H 02M
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II July 00D 20H 27M
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre August 01D 10H 55M
Call of Duty[1] September 02D 00H 48M
Call of Duty[1] October 02D 23H 26M
Call of Duty[1] November 04D 19H 14M
Call of Duty[1] December 02D 17H 46M

I completed the following games in 2023, in order of total hours:

Game Playtime
Saints Row 25.4 Hours
Hogwarts Legacy 43.7 Hours
The Last of Us Part I 31.1 Hours
South Park: The Stick of Truth 13.5 Hours
Paw Patrol: World 13.2 Hours
Suicide of Rachel Foster 5.2 Hours
Paw Patrol: Grand Prix 1.6 Hours
My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure 1.4 Hours
Pineapple on Pizza 9.8 Minutes
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III[2] XXXXXXXXXX

# Projects

I’ve created 4 projects this year. The below table is in no particular order.

Project Language Type
Snap2HTML-NG C# WinForms, Console
Der Toten Alptraum (Cancelled) C# Game
cum.zip PHP Website
AssetCore C# Mobile App

2023 has been very quiet project wise as I’ve been spending a lot more time doing work around the house.

# Website

At the time of writing there have about 83 git commits this year, this includes a complete re-write for v3.0.

# Things of The Year

These are my ‘tops’ of the year, things that I really loved entertainment wise.

# Sources and Notes

The below areas were used as data sources for the information within this post.

This data is from 00:00 01 January 2023 to 23:59 31 December 2023.
[1] Activision turned Call of Duty MWII (2022) into DLC in September for 'Call of Duty HQ', so I can no longer split out the time between MWII and MWIII playtime. [2] Playtime not included as I cannot split Multiplayer time and Single-Player time.