2020 Blog Migration

This post is over a year old, the information may no longer be up to date.


I have recently migrated from my old custom CMS to Jekyll and GitHub pages, as a result a few things have changed.

# Incorrect Post URLs

The blog format has changed from /blog/view/:title to /blog/:title.

Please proceed to /blog to view the post you are looking for.

# Post Formatting

My old CMS used Summernote as its WYSIWYG and although is a great editor, some of the content that it spits out truly is questionable. I’ve managed to convert most of the posts to markdown, but a few of them are still using the old WYSIWYG output which with my new layout isn’t the prettiest.

Over time I will make my way through them as there really isn’t that many to do, but this is more an FYI for the time being that some of them have really messed up formatting.

# Ext

ext.laim.scot is my server that hosts any PHP content etc. that cannot be hosted on GitHub under Pages. I moved my website to GitHub Pages in June 2020 and this domain was used for anything that I was still using. This subdomain will be removed in 2022 as the data hosted on there is no longer in use.