Snow API


I am hopeful that the Snow Product Release API will be useful for individuals and companies to make their lifes easier, however that may be. However with every new release there is bound to be some abuse towards it, so hopefully this will clear some things up.

API Policy

I want this API to be open to everyone, so there is no charge to use it, no country banning and no rate limiting. You are free to use the API however you wish, whether that is to check the latest version across 1,000 environments or just to have a quick way of checking your agent versions from a web page for all engineers.

With this however, comes some trust. Due to this being free of charge any cost comes out of my pocket, and anyone that abuses the API will be banned temporarily, and then extended to a permanent ban eventually unless there is a valid reason for abuse-type calls to the API.

In conclusion though: do what you want with it, just don't abuse it. You can use it commerically, non-commerically, it doesn't matter - just have fun.

Document last updated: 07-09-2020, 21:44 PM